Friday, September 08, 2006

Bloggers in the Press

I know I'm not the most consistent blogger. I probably post just enough not to piss off the limited number of readers I do have. As infrequent as my ramblings are, I really do enjoy it. I started this project because I admired the internet world that Chris had created with Boysbriefs. After a year and a half, Nochd has been a creative outlet, a vent session, even a shameless opportunity to collect some objective feedback.
There was a recent posting in Southern Voice today about the world of GBLT blogging. While the blogging fad may be waning, I think it's sucked in enough supporters to keep the movement alive. Check out the SOVO article. It's a good read. As an added bonus, the writer quoted Chris and included a pimpin' blogger profile and a snapshot of him in his supergirl costume.


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