Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wigger say what?

Chris is a self-proclaimed music snob. With ample reason, though. He deejayed his way through the college years at Auburn, his eclectic taste casting a wide net from hard core Goth to 80’s Punk. He’s got a good ear, and while he can’t sing worth a damn, he’s usually adept at picking out that obscure harmony or background vocal. He appreciates just about everything I throw at him. With one glaring exception. Miriam, brace yo self.
Chris just ain’t down with the hip-hop.
Maybe the Jeep Liberty ain’t thuggish enough.
Perhaps he feels detached from the hip-hop culture. Holla!
Maybe he hasn’t spent enough quality time watching Queens of Comedy and Brown Sugar.
It’s a relentless battle every time we get in the hoopty and drive to dinner. I be changing to one station, he be changing to another. And I be like,
“Yo biatch. Dat’s my jam. YOU MESSIN' WIT MY JAM!”
Then I smack da ho, take a nice long drag from my joint and high-five my bitches in the back.
Okay. Not everyone needs to is able to appreciate hip-hop. But here’s the kicker. Chris is secretly in love with Justin Timberlake’s new single. Like Gollum- He needs it. He must have it. He’s got no love for Kelis, but quivers when JT brings his sexy back? That is some painful, trashy shit to listen to.
But I like it now.


Blogger Tay Hota said...

wigger huh? ick, haven't heard that term since high school... anyway, I love the new justin as well, and I wouldn't kick that botch outta bed if he were on fire.... mmmmm

4:11 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

So not true. I'm down with the PE (Public Enemy). And Rakim. And BDP. And De la Soul.

For fear of sounding like an old man, back in my day hip-hop used to mean something. Now it's just crunk beats and ghetto trash-talk.

PS: You may want to reconsider using the word "wigger." Poor taste, dear.

5:08 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

The title is not supposed to incite a riot, ya'll. I use it in the same context as 'jap' or 'fag'. And the whole point of the post is that I (secretly and shamefully)like the song, too.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

You guys are fun and cute -- I enjoy the blogs.

Have you gone to the Desert Botanical Garden in Scottsdale yet? It is gorgeous. Go in the late afternoon/early evening so it is cooler and you can enjoy it.

The go over to Old Town Scottsdale to that pink-striped ice cream dessert store.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear chris,
i just sent this post to the people who shot biggie.


1:32 AM  
Blogger Tay Hota said...

the LAPD? I agree, hip hop used to mean something, but it's still there, jurassic 5 for example.... the roots... okay, I'm out... (only use fag cause I am one... never use anything NEAR the N word.... except 'BIGGER' or 'DIGGER' or, rarely, 'TIGGER'.. that one seems borderline as well...)

3:13 PM  
Blogger yet another black guy said...

oh lord my one white jewish friend just did this same skit in my car the other day. talk about funny!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Michael S. in SS, MD said...

I like Kelis - Bossy - good spin song! ;) hahaha, and I can't find Sexy Back on Itunes Yet - boooooo....

Michael S.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael-Just heard this song and while I am totally anti-justin (chris--what the hell? he is so circa-1980's) I do like this song but I think it's b/c I am so loving Nelly Furtado's cd and JT pops in her video and is friends with her...why was she not all over the grammy's..that CD was great.

8:19 PM  

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