Sunday, October 02, 2005

The World's Longest 10-Miler

Or perhaps the race should be appropriately known as the "World's Largest 11.2 Miler"?
This morning was the annual "Army Ten-Miler", the second largest 10-mile race in the world. Unfortunately, the threat of a package bomb at mile seven caused an unforseen diversion which re-routed the course into an 11.2 mile cluster fuck.
Now, for all you runners out there, it gets better. Since the package wasn't discovered until after the race actually started, race officials did not have time to set up things like... the finish line. There were no time clocks after mile seven. And they added a sweet X-Terra element at mile 10, as runners had to scramble over a cement highway divider to get to the end.
Caddy bitching aside, it was a memorable event. (Especially considering the security pat-down at the start from a hot army dude. Hooah.)


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